Gigabyte GP-AORUS WATERFORCE X 280 Liquid Cooler GP-AORUSWX280

מק"ט: GP-AORUSWX280

Gigabyte GP-AORUS WATERFORCE X 280 Liquid Cooler מק"ט: GP-AORUSWX280 אחריות: שנה אחת יצרן: Gigabyte קישור לאתר יצרן

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881 ₪ כולל מע"מ
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  • אחריות: שנה אחת
  • ספק/יבואן: CD-LOG
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  • Gigabyte GP-AORUS WATERFORCE X 280 Liquid Cooler GP-AORUSWX280
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מידע EXCLUSIVE CIRCULAR LCD DISPLAY MODES Customize your screen! The LCD display have brand new enthusiast modes and a special Chibi Time Mode. It also supports playing your own MP4/GIF/JPG formats for even more customization. ROTATABLE DESIGN 330 degrees manual rotatable design. Free to adjust your preferred angel. MICRO SD SUPPORT AORUS exclusive design Micro SD port support. Through Micro SD card expands the storage space, it allows user loading more videos and pictures in RGB Fusion 2.0. WATER TUBE DIAMETER ENLARGE Tube diameter 5.1 mm? enlarge to 7.8 mm?, Raise up 37 % water flow and make heat dissipate quicker and more efficient. CERAMIC AXIS LONGER LIFE TIME Ceramic axis has longer life time (376,715hrs) compared to traditional metal axis. Also, It is more durable and has anti-corrosion properties. AORUS SILENT FANS EFFICIENT HEAT-DISSIPATING Through extensive testing, AORUS have developed the most synergistic 140mm fan blade design to go with the 280mm radiator. It will deliver the most efficient heat dissipation while maintaining the lowest noise levels, even at the maximum speeds. UNIQUE FAN BLADE DESIGN The 120mm dynamic adjusting fan provides the silent operation. The airflow is spilt by the triangle fan edge, and guided smoothly through the 3D stripe curve on the fan surface, effectively enhancing the airflow by over the traditional fans. SYNCHRONIZE MORE AORUS FANS LIGHTING Each AORUS fan provide ARGB male and female header. User can connect more AORUS fans synchronize lighting pattern create cool and uniform lighting system. CABLE ARRANGEMENT Fan and LED cables have been moved to the side of radiator .More easy and quick way to connect the fans.

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