Cooler Master מארז מחשב CoolerMaster MasterBox MB600L V2 with ODD TG MB600L2-KG5N-S00

מק"ט: MB600L2-KG5N-S00

מארז מחשב CoolerMaster MasterBox MB600L V2 with ODD TG מק"ט: MB600L2-KG5N-S00 אחריות: שנה אחת יצרן: Cooler Master

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מידע Palette & Brush Each element of the MasterBox MB600L was created from an elegant palette. With a brushed finish, subtle hue, and the minimalistic Cooler Master hexagon, this ATX PC case decorates the gaming setup and workspace while also being able to house the latest hardware. Brushed Front Panel A brushed finish spans the entire front panel for an elegant and minimalistic design. Hexagon Gleam The Cooler Master hexagon on the front panel relays light from optional, illuminated fans. If an optional RGB or ARGB fan is installed behind the front panel, the hexagon will capture light from the fan and emit a glow on the front panel. Mesh Intakes Large, mesh intakes span each side of the front panel to provide additional airflow to system. With/Without ODD Support Depending on preference, an ODD version of the chassis is available. If an ODD is not preferred, a cleaner appearance and more cooling options on the top and front panels are supported. The ODD version of the MB600L is slightly deeper in comparison to its non-ODD counterpart. Versatile Cooling Options Support for up to six fans and front, top, and rear radiator support ensure that performance is not compromised. Breathable Power Supply Shroud The PSU cover is ventilated on top of the power supply location, this allows actively cooled units to be installed either with the fan facing the top or bottom, also with the possibility of installing passively cooled power supplies. Room For Upgrades Support for up to a 400mm graphics card, a 161mm CPU cooler, and multiple fan/radiator locations provide room for upgrades to stay ahead of the game. Removable HDD Cage The modular frame allows builders to remove the drive cage completely, providing a greater freedom in building and increased compatibility for long power supplies.

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