מסך מחשב Samsung S24D360HL ‏23.6 ‏אינטש סמסונג

מק"ט: S24D360HL

• 24inch • 1920 x 1080pxl • LED • HDMI • VGA • FullHD

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  • מסך מחשב Samsung S24D360HL ‏23.6 ‏אינטש סמסונג
  • מסך מחשב Samsung S24D360HL ‏23.6 ‏אינטש סמסונג
  • מסך מחשב Samsung S24D360HL ‏23.6 ‏אינטש סמסונג
  • מסך מחשב Samsung S24D360HL ‏23.6 ‏אינטש סמסונג
  • מסך מחשב Samsung S24D360HL ‏23.6 ‏אינטש סמסונג
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דגם:Samsung S24D360HL
גודל מסך:"23.6
The latest innovations in monitor technology, packaged into a functional and aesthetic design.
See More with Style and Functionality
This high-gloss white LED monitor combines a narrow bezel, sleek body, and transparent neck for a modern, sophisticated look. The narrow bezel lets you see more of the screen, while the tilt feature allows you to adjust the monitor to the most comfortable level.
Modern Touch of Color Design
Samsung monitors with the Touch of Color bring together technology and art. The glossy white narrow bezel and neck softly illuminate with a hint of blue, standing out on your desk or entertainment center.
Be Entertained From Every Angle
The Samsung S24D360HL/S27D360HS offer an expanded viewing angle of 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally, so that no matter where you are in the room, you’re ensured to have a great view. Whether you're gathered for movie night or a sporting event, everyone gets the full visual experience.
Enhance Your Gaming Experience
Optimize your gaming experience with the touch of a button. Game Mode detects changes in scenes, enhances colors, and adjusts contrast so you see everything clearly. Thanks to a faster video response, there is less of lag so you can keep up with the action.
Upscale Your View with Better Quality
Magic Upscale prevents image degradation when images and videos are displayed from a laptop or another device. This technology improves your viewing experience with more brilliant colors and crisper images than you'll see on smaller screens.
Versatile Connectivity
All the connections you need to make the most of your entertainment and other content. The monitor provides a D-Sub connection and HDMI input. You can easily connect your devices and use the monitor for working, gaming, viewing content and more.
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