D-Link DES-1008P+/A1A

מק"ט: DES-1008P+/A1A

מתג לא מנוהל עם 8 פורטים POE במהירות 10/100Mbps

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  • אחריות: 12 חודשים , שרות ואחריות D-LINK ישראל
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  • D-Link DES-1008P+/A1A
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דגם:D-LINK DES-1008P+/A1A
סוג האחריות:12 חודשים , שרות ואחריות D-LINK ישראל

  מתג לא מנוהל עם 8 פורטים POE במהירות 10/100Mbps    

Unmanaged Switch with 8 ports supporting PoE D-Link DES-1008P + allows users to easily connect and supply power via the Ethernet (PoE) for devices such as wireless access points, IP-cameras or IP-phones, while at the same time the connection of additional Ethernet-devices such as computers, printers, and networked storage (NAS). Designed specifically for small businesses, this compact PoE switch operates almost silently, allowing you to place it in virtually any office.
Technology Power over Ethernet (PoE)
DES-1008P + is equipped with 8-port 10 / 100Base-TX, which support standard IEEE 802.3af / at PoE, providing a connection to multiple devices with support for PoE. In the IEEE 802.3af each of the eight PoE ports can supply up to 15.4W, and in the mode of IEEE 802.3at - up to 30 W, which allows users to connect to the DES-1008P + device compatible with standard 802.3af / at. With support for PoE technology can reduce the cost of additional summing the power cord or place any network equipment in remote places, regardless of the location of electrical outlets.
Ease of use
Installation of the switch is fast and easy, because it does not require adjustment. Support auto polarity MDI / MDIX on all ports eliminates the need for crossover cables when connecting to another switch or hub. Auto-negotiation on each port to determine the speed of connection to a network device (10 or 100 Mbit / s) and perform an smart setting for optimum compatibility and performance. When connecting a device that is compatible with the standard IEEE 802.3af / at, supplied to him the power is automatically adjusted according to the characteristics of the device. DES-1008P + also features diagnostic LEDs which display status and activity of the compound, allowing you to quickly find and solve problems in the network. Combining the advantages of using PoE, and ease of use, this unmanaged switch is an excellent choice for connecting PoE-compliant devices to the small businesses.
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