D-Link DEM-311GT DEM-311GT/DD/J1A

מק"ט: DEM-311GT/DD/J1A

SFP 1000Base-SX לכבל multimode (עד 550 מטר)

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  • אחריות: 24 חודשים , שרות ואחריות D-LINK ישראל
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  • D-Link DEM-311GT DEM-311GT/DD/J1A
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דגם:D-link DEM-311GT
סוג האחריות:24 חודשים , שרות ואחריות D-LINK ישראל

SFP 1000Base-SX לכבל multimode (עד 550 מטר)

   850nm Multi-Mode Tranceiver

  • 550m Max Distance, Duplex LC Connector

    D-Link’s new line of Gigabit Interface Converters (GBICs) and Small Form-Factor Pluggables (SFPs) transceivers represent an industry leading combination of performance and affordability. D-Link’s new Gigabit transceivers are available in two form-factors: standard (GBIC) or (SFP)/mini-GBIC .

    The DEM-311GT is a high performance 850nm multimode SFP/mini-GBIC transceiver. Supporting full duplex, Gigabit speeds on multimode fiber for distances of up to 220m/550m on 62.5µm/50µm fiber respectively. The unit features a metal housing to reduce EMI and to increase durability. The DEM-311GT is hot pluggable and is backed by a standard 2-year product warranty and free technical support .

    Third-Party Devices Must Comply With specified Supported Industry-Standard Specifications

    • Port 1000BASE-SX (standard IEEE 802.3z)
    • Duplex LC Connector
    • Full duplex
    • 802.3x flow control support
    • Cable Type:
    • 50/125um multimode fiber optic cable up to 550 m
    • Wavelength: 850 nm
    • Hot-swappable
    • Laser Class 1 according to EN 60825-1
    • TTL signal detect indicator

    Support Voltage 3.3

  • Modules D-Link SFP transceivers represent a connection to Gigabit Ethernet switches or switches 10/100 Mbit / s , equipped with a slot SFP, to the networks of Gigabit Ethernet. SFP modules provide a flexible and simple solution for high-speed network connection Gigabit Ethernet. Depending on the type of fiber optic cable to a switch you can set the desired module SFP. Optical transceivers are equipped with standard LC connectors for compatibility .

    Size Small Form Pluggable (SFP)

    These transceivers are sized in accordance with industry-standard Small Form Pluggable (SFP). The modules are inserted into the slot SFP Switch Gigabit Ethernet. They provide the necessary signal amplification for the transmission and reception of data when a port is connected to an optical or copper cable .


    All modules SFP D-Link support hot-swappable . You can remove or replace the SFP, without turning off the switch. This feature allows you to add or change SFP modules without having to stop your network.


    The use of optical modules GBIC: distributed processing and storage of data , cascaded switches Gigabit Ethernet, high-speed reading and writing files , increasing the capacity of the network segment increased distance data transmission channel.




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