be quiet! מארז מחשב SILENT BASE 801 Window Silver BGW30

מק"ט: BGW30

מארז מחשב be quiet! SILENT BASE 801 Window Silver מק"ט: BGW30 אחריות: שלוש שנים יצרן: be quiet!

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685 ₪ כולל מע"מ
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  • be quiet! מארז מחשב SILENT BASE 801 Window Silver BGW30
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מפרט טכני

סוג האחריות:שלוש שנים
מפרט:מפרט תאימות ללוח אם ATX  \ Micro ATX  \ E-ATX  \ Mini ITX  סוג מארז ATX Tower  ספק כח ATX (not included)  Hard Drive 3.5 3.5 slots (max.) 73.5 slots (scope of delivery) 5  Hard Drive 2.5 2.5 slots (max.) 152.5 slots (scope of delivery) 11  Expansion slots 7 + 2  יציאות קדמיות USB 2.0  \  Earphone + mic HD AUDIO  \ FAN Controller  \ USB 3.2  Cooling Fan @ front 2x Pure Wings 2 140mmFan @ rear 1x Pure Wings 2 140mm  פילטר אבק שליף  מידות Case size incl. stands (L x W x H), (mm) 539 x 281 x 553  גובה מקסימלי קירור למעבד (ממ) 180
מותג:be quiet!

מידע NOISE DAMPENING VENTS Minimize noise and maximize airstream The air inlets on the front cater for maximum silence with a constant amount of air permeability. The specially designed vents reroute the inflowing air twice to reduce airborne noise. SUPERB NOISE DAMPENING Extra thick insulation for maximum stability and silence The front, top and sides are equipped with extra thick dampening mats of 10mm, resulting in maximum stability and superb noise dampening capabilities. The decoupled PSU bracket, motherboard tray and HDD cages also minimize vibrations. The full metal body provides stability for the case and improves its haptic. PREINSTALLED PURE WINGS 2 Whisper-quiet operation Three preinstalled Pure Wings 2 140mm fans with airflow-optimized fan blades ensure a perfect airflow and solid cooling. The integrated 3-step fan controller allows to set the speed of up to six fans manually or connect all to one PWM signal. FUNCTIONAL PSU SHROUD Offering a neat interior The PSU shroud perfectly covers the cables, PSU and contains a double HDD cage. The cover plates are separately detachable to install a 140mm fan on the top. With the small cover detached a 360mm or 420mm radiator can be installed at the front. Using the PSU bracket the power supply unit can be easily installed from behind. CONVENIENT TO HANDLE Easy access for all kinds of modifications The high-end side panels provide a mounting system with push-pins for secure and user-friendly detachment. By depressing the push-pins the locking mechanism releases the upper part of the side panel and this hovers safely until removed manually. Excellent usability for fast and easy access to the interior of the case. VERSATILE MOTHERBOARD TRAY Designed to fit individual requirements The motherboard tray is decoupled and can be installed alongside the left panel in an inverted layout. It is also removable for use as a test bench. GENEROUS SPACE, SMART DESIGN Designed for all kinds of high-end hardware The Silent Base 801 Window provides generous dimensions and cutouts to install most kinds of hardware, even an E-ATX motherboard. The smart arrangement of components allows multiple graphics cards and large coolers to fit in well. Three HDD cages are included and can be installed for individual needs. EASY INSTALLATION OF RADIATORS Optimized for water-cooled systems With its optimized design Silent Base 801 Window is the perfect case for water cooling. Radiators of up to 420mm can be installed at the front, top and rear. Using the detachable bracket radiators can be installed very quickly and easily at the top. GLASS WINDOW A perfect view inside your PC The high-quality, fully-windowed side panel offers a perfect view of the components inside your PC case. The window is made of tinted and tempered glass with black painted side bars.

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