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    Netanya Poleg branch

    Our company was founded in 1998 and over the years, we have developed it into a network of stores specializing in computers, cellular phones, and comprehensive equipment. Today, we are among the leading chains in Israel in this field.

    We have established a stable relationship with numerous suppliers and customers, including tens of thousands of private customers, large, medium, and small business customers, government agencies, universities, colleges, schools, and more.

    Our chain offers a wide range of products sold at very reasonable prices, including laptops, desktop computers, cellular phones, tablets, gaming computers, graphic design and editing computers, software, hardware, various accessories, monitors, televisions, and more.

    Buying products from us is very simple and convenient for all customers. We have branches that customers can visit to purchase the above products, or customers can buy them online through our online store. We also offer home/office delivery services for our customers' convenience.

    Our products are manufactured by leading companies in the field and come with full warranty.

    In every branch, there is a service laboratory that provides advanced laboratory services for computers and cell phones. The laboratory also operates a home technician service, provided by a certified professional.

    We believe that excellent customer service is of great value and we make a significant effort to gain the trust of our customers.

    A&A Computers and Cellular - A. in price, A. in service.

    We would be happy to add you to our successful customer database.

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