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    Website accessibility

    The website is available at the AA level, as required by the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessible Services) Regulations, 2013, and in accordance with Israeli Standard T"U 55.

    We invest significant resources in the accessibility of our website and attach great importance to providing equal services to all our visitors, including people with disabilities.

    There is no doubt that the consumption of information from the Internet is growing at an astonishing rate in all areas of our lives. An accessible website will help people with disabilities access information and services, as well as other target audiences.

    We use an assistive component (graphical application) for website accessibility offered by, which is designed to help achieve accessibility of our website in accordance with Israeli Standard 5568 at the AA accessibility level defined in the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

    Highlights of website accessibility:

    When developing this website, we paid attention to at least the following points:

    • Screen reader compatibility,
    • Keyboard navigation,
    • Flashing suppression,
    • Monochrome mode,
    • Dark contrast,
    • Light contrast,
    • Font enlargement,
    • Font reduction,
    • Readable font,
    • Large white arrow,
    • Large black arrow,
    • Zoom window,
    • Link highlighting,
    • Header highlighting,
    • Image descriptions,
    • Skip to main content,
    • Skip to menu.

    Accessibility limitations:

    The website is dynamic and includes various content input systems working with the WYSIWYG method. Some sections of dynamic pages may contain components that could not be made fully accessible using accessibility tools, and intervention in the website's code may be required. If you encounter such a situation, we would appreciate it if you could contact us so that we can correct it as soon as possible. In addition, the website may display content from other inaccessible websites, and we are not responsible for third-party content. However, we welcome your feedback and will address accessibility issues with the relevant parties.

    Store accessibility:

    Company employees undergo periodic accessibility training.

    There is an exemption from payment for people with disabilities.

    Entry with a service animal is allowed.

    An accessibility order table is attached for each branch.







    Disabled Parking

    Disabled Lift

    Disabled Services

    Store Locator

    Netanya Polg

    Ha-Tsoran 4b, Netanya

    Public Parking in Compound


    Available in Compound


    Netanya Merkaz

    Shmuel HaNatziv 26, Netanya

    Public Parking on Street


    Not Available

    Folding Ramp

    Eilat collection point

    Derech Paami HaShalom 18, Eilat

    Public Parking in Compound


    Available in Compound






    Methods of contacting us regarding accessibility:

    You can contact us with questions, clarifications, or suggestions regarding accessibility on our website using the following contact information:

    Phone: 073-2101200 Fax: 09-8859142 Email: WhatsApp: 073-2101205

    Contact information of the accessibility coordinator:

    Name: Inna Korbenova Phone: 073-2101205 Email: