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    Maintenance and Repair Services


    Phone repair

    iphone, galaxy or any other smartphone device repair is what we do the best, along with all brands and tablets.
    Our repair service includes all problems and material repair.
    From the easiest to the most complicate issues.
    Our lab provides a variety of phone repairs such as screen replacement, button replaces, camera, sensors and water damages.
    Which ever problem you are dealing with we can supply a professional work and great service within a short period of time.


    Laptop repair

    Laptop solutions: Memory replacement/expansion, motherboard replacement and fixing At component replacement level.
    Screen repairs and overheating problems such as heat sinks/Fans Replacement.
    Laptop format and information backup, Installation of operating system, antivirus and driver Installation.
    Batteries and chargers.

    Cell Phones

    Tablet repair

    We deal with all tablet issues such as: charging problems, Charging socket replacement,
    connectors and broken headphone jacks
    Replacing touch screens
    Fix issues of quick discharge
    Replacing batteries
    Fixing reception and transmission problems
    Treatment and restoration of moisture damage


    PC repair

    Fixing all kinds of problem or part replacement on all PCs, PC upgrading Increase or replace memory, replace motherboard,
    processor and external cards,
    Spyware and virus removal
    Form on the computer
    Hard disk information backup solutions for external drives
    Recovering information from the hard disk after the computer is damaged and/or recovering information from external drives
    Cleaning all types of computers with air pressure
    Installation of operating systems, protection and antivirus software, office software and Office
    Installing drivers
    Repair of LCD screens of all manufacturers

    We perform engraving on keyboards in Hebrew or any other language with uncompromising quality.

    Laser engraving for all types of computers only 170 ₪.

    Desktop Computer Check in the Lab
    Computer Cleaning with Payment in the Lab
    Installation and Removal of Licensed Operating System
    Assembly of Desktop Computer Component in the Lab
    Motherboard Installation in Desktop Computer in the Lab
    Installation and Scanning of Antivirus in the Lab
    Installation of Drivers or Office Software in the Lab
    Replacement of Desktop Computer Case in the Lab