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    SAS / MINI SAS cables

    SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) / MINI SAS (Mini Serial Attached SCSI) cables are types of high-speed data transfer cables used in computer systems. They are designed to connect SAS hard drives, tape drives, and other peripherals to a computer's motherboard or RAID controller.

    SAS cables are used in high-end servers, workstations, and storage arrays for data-intensive applications such as data analytics, video editing, and scientific simulations. They provide faster data transfer rates, better reliability, and more flexibility than other types of data transfer cables.

    MINI SAS cables are a smaller form factor of SAS cables and are often used in servers and storage systems that require high-speed data transfer in a compact space. They can support data transfer rates of up to 12 Gbps and are often used in enterprise-level applications.